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An Instant Connection

Diana Ma and Ken Johnson

“My husband Ken [Johnson] and I met eight years ago when we were both working at a marketing firm in Lawrence, Mass.,” recalls Diana Ma. “We felt an instant connection.” Sparks flew and three and a half years later Ken proposed on a very special weekend getaway. 

With experience running her own event planning business, making decisions about her own wedding came easily for Diana, whose most important details included involving family, culture and fun. “We have two boys from Ken’s previous marriage,” explains Diana about Max, 12, and Tucker, 14. “We included them in our wedding as much as possible: we all lit the Unity Candle, they were Ken’s best men and we all sat at a family sweetheart table. Tucker even gave a really heartfelt toast just before we ate … which melted us!”

Diana’s parents having fled Vietnam in the late 70s, which led to her “being born at a Malaysian refugee camp before our sponsorship to the United States by First Baptist Church in Lynn, Massachusetts, more than 30 years ago,” says Diana, telling how she became a first-generation American. With her Vietnamese descent important to her, “I tried to incorporate my cultural background into the wedding with hints from my past,” she says pointing out the rice and confetti filled escort card display designed to symbolize the “American Dream.” 

In the reception, their florist made use of phalaenopsis orchids and strung crystals throughout and their culturally diverse guests managed to rock out almost as much as the happy couple. “Ken and I do not take ourselves seriously—really letting ourselves hang loose, have fun and dance—even if it was not always on beat!” smiles Diana, about the day she will remember forever.

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